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The Devil you know

June 22, 2013


Australia is a racist country. John Howard, who was Prime Minister at the time, publicly denied it in the wake of the 2005 Cronulla riots. Faced with the reality of xenophobic violence unfolding on the supposedly egalitarian beaches of Sydney’s suburbs, splashed across the media, his wilful denial was ludicrous. As any wannabe liar knows, […]

The Post Post 2.0: on the move

August 24, 2012


Well, the poor old Post Post has been languishing. Turns out those pesky weekly deadlines are good for something besides getting paid…. They make you sit down at the computer and do the work. But now that I have finally joined the i-phone revolution (if not the generation) I’ve decided to make The Post Post […]

Tell me a Story: Michele Beevors

July 12, 2011


I went to an exhibition opening last week, without knowing the name of either the show or the artist. I’d been intrigued by the image on the invite, a floppy, knitted skeleton splayed in disarray. And the work did not disappoint. Curious enough to wonder what the titles were, I asked the artist (Michele Beevors […]

Kurt Schranzer: The Great Walls

May 22, 2011


“It takes one to know one!” is a classic schoolyard retaliatory tactic. It’s a defensive response to a variety of taunts, used to best effect when flung back immediately with vitriolic sass. But it can also be an accurate observation. When I say Kurt Schranzer is a perfectionist, you can believe it. After all, it […]


March 24, 2011


I haven’t been posting very regularly of late. I know. There I go again, stating the obvious. However, I thought you all deserved an explanation. I’ve been busy getting ready for my own solo show, 1+1=1. I won’t go on about it since The Post Post motto is, “No previews, promos or propaganda.” But don’t […]

Lucas Grogan: Men Behaving Badly

February 27, 2011


Lucas Grogan’s Black + Blue paintings have been billed as “dangerous”. Don’t believe the hype. Initially they do seem provocative. At first glance, Grogan seems to have appropriated painting styles usually reserved for Indigenous artists in Arnhem Land. But on closer inspection, his blue and white ovals have as much in common with Willow Pattern […]

Blinding us with talent: Rew Hanks

February 11, 2011


  As an artist, Rew Hanks is too bloody talented for his own good. The technical prowess of his printmaking skills is more than impressive. It is dazzling, numbing, paralysing. Faced with his picture perfect lino cuts, even seasoned art-world professionals become stunned mullets and start uttering inane things like, Wow, how long did that […]