The Post Post: Who, What, Why?

Posted on July 9, 2010


The Post Post is not posted by an anonymous mystery writer who shall remain nameless. It’s me. TC.
Tracey Clement
: artist, current freelance arts writer and ex editor of the Sydney Morning Herald Metro Art Page.

After 5.5 years at the Metro I thought I needed a rest. I packed it in in March 2010. By July I’d started to miss it… sorta.
I didn’t miss never getting to say something was bad (or in this case ugly, since bad in The Post Post is best) and I didn’t miss getting sub-edited. And I didn’t miss getting bailed up at openings by artists saying, “You should write about my show!”
But I did miss getting to have a rave about art.
So… The Post Post was born.

The Post Post is like the NY Post, only it’s all about art and all the news is old news. In fact there is no news. No previews, promos or propaganda.  Just reviews, posted after I’ve seen the show. Get it? POST posts.

Mind you, I haven’t seen anything yet… I’ve been having a well deserved rest. Watch this space! I’ll be back!